In life, we all have goals and dreams we want to achieve, but if we focus too much on achieving them life can pass us by and we can get obsessed over chasing success.

Last year this happened to me and I got consumed by trying to achieve my goals I had with Feel Your Soul to quickly which led me to make mistakes I could have avoided if I just slowed down a little bit :)

On Friday, I launched a new hoodie collection to help spread the message of not getting obsessed over chasing success so if YOU have a story where you got caught up in chasing success over happiness respond to this email with your story! Tell me what you were chasing (your job, school, relationships, business, etc.), what happened, and how you are overcoming it / overcame it. 

I am going to be choosing a stories to make videos about to help inspire the rest of the Feel Your Soul community to not get caught up in chasing success over happiness. 

I'll be reading your stories that are going to help inspire someone!

- Jacob :)