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Where to find Levi's for $13 in Los Angeles

Levi's for $13?


You're probably wondering. Where is it possible to find Levi's for $13 in Los Angeles.  Trust us we were wondering the same thing until we came across this place and we had to share it with you. We are going to give you a tour of Drop Your Jeans so that you can feel like you just walked and found the pair of Levi's you have always been looking for. 

drop your jeans los angeles
So right after you open the glass door you are greeted by piles and piles of Levi's and their is a super friendly employee named John who helps you find your size.

Once you are in and walking around you look to your left and see piles of shorts that they handmake there from Levi's. Prettyyy cooool! And even cooler that they are $13. 

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PRO TIP: Go right when they open so that you can find your size. They run out of sizes waist 30 and below so go pretty early so that you can find your size!

Drop your jeans Footsouls

They also have a pretty good selection of graphic tee shirts, jean jackets, and some fun other retro clothing peices!

Drop Your Jeans Footsouls

Here's the address: 1600 W San Bernardino Rd, Covina, CA, 91722 :)

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Thanks for reading. We hope you go and find your new favortie pair of vintage Levi's. Your host Jacob Zander signing off!  

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