what feel your soul means to us

What Feel Your Soul means to us

So in our last blog we talked about what the difference is between insoles for converse and our Footsouls for Converse. Today we are going to talk about what the point of Footsouls is and why our whole message is to Feel Your Soul. 

What Feel Your Soul means to us

footsouls feel your soul insoles for converse

Life is about making every day count. Our mission here at Footsouls is to inspire you to chase your dreams which is why Feel Your Soul™ is on every one of our Footsouls. We want to give you that daily inspiration to make today count because all we have is today. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day tasks (we do to your not alone) which is why we wanted to remind you and ourselves that we are here for a reason and we want to follow our dreams every day. If you ever need advice or help on the next step to take we are here for you! Whether that next step is asking your crush out on a date, taking the leap to quit your day job to work on your startup, or just need help picking the right cereal while at the store. Send us a email or DM and we will help out :) Test us..... we are here for you!

FOOTSOULS insoles for Converse

Fall is  finally here so throw on your Converse and go visit those suflower feilds, carve some pumpkins (maybe carve Feel Your Soul in one), try something on your bucket list, and try something you have never tried before! We are obbsessed with trying new things and getting ourselves out of our comfort ones. 

Feel Your Soul insoles for converse Footsouls

AND remember Footsouls for Converse. NOT insoles for converse ;)

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