insoles for converse with footsouls

The "insoles for Converse" joke

Everyone: "Hey where can I get some of those insoles for Converse at" "Dude I love those insoles for Converse you should totaly try them" "Those insoles for converse are so good I need another pair" "InSoLes FOr CONverSE DudE"
Us: "We are not really sure what you mean when you say insoles for Converse, but we have some Footsouls for Converse! Is that what you're looking for?"

insoles for converse footsouls

The reason we LOVE calling them Footsouls is because Footsouls means something. Footsouls is not just another "insoles for Converse" brand, but it is something more than that. Footsouls is about chasing your dreams in life and changing the world with those dreams (a cliche we know). To be real though, one person can change the world with their dreams. 

feel your soul footsouls

One day you will be sitting in the audience of the Ellen show (she just signed on for 3 more years of her show bless up) and you will look under your seat to see a gift card redeamable for an outrageous number of Footsouls. You can thank us later ;)

FOOTSOULS insoles for Converse

So if you can, we beg you, when you tell Karen about these new Footsouls you just got, remeber to call them Footsouls for Converse. Or Converse Footsouls. Try and leave out the word insoles or insoles for Converse or Converse insoles. 


Tell Karen about how you are going to feel your soul today and follow those dreams you have been talking about recently. Life is to short to not go after what you love in life. Right?


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