insoles for converse vs footsouls for converse

Insoles for Converse vs Footsouls for Converse

Insoles for Converse vs Footsouls for Converse

So....what's the difference between insoles for Converse and Footsouls for Converse. Well let us explain. There is a HUGE difference! :)





Feel Your Soul Footsouls Insoles

Footsouls are not just insoles for Converse, but they are a symbol to follow your dreams and go after what you really want in life. Life can be hard and sometimes all we need is that daily reminder that we are here alive and living. Life is about the little things and here at Footsouls we are all about cliche's and little things. 

FOOTSOULS insoles for Converse

We originally made our Footsouls for Converse because: 


1. We LOVE Converse, absolutely love them

2. We go to school in our Converse, work in our Converse, go to concerts & festivals in Converse. We pretty much wear our Converse everywhere. And when you are wearing your Converse while doing all of those things they start to hurt after a while. And when your feet start hurting while wearing your favorite shoes you start to enjoy the concert, your job, and life less. So we thought to ourselves, what if we could make something that made our Converse so comfy that we could do everything we love and make ourselves happier. 


SO, we got to working and talked to a lot of people who said we wouldn't be able to make that happen. I think you can guess, but WE MADE IT HAPPEN. When we got those first Footsouls and gave them to our first testers it was an incredible moment, because everyone loved them. It was amazing. 


We made this little video of the people feeling their souls :)

So I think things might be a little clearer now :)


Insoles for Converse = not very cool. 

Footsouls for Converse = very cool


Almost as cool as this rad VW bus ;)

VW Bus Footsouls

and don't forget to 

Feel Your Soul Footsouls
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