DIY christmas presents with Footsouls for Converse

DIY Christmas Ideas

Today we are breaking down 10 DIY gifts from one of our favorite influencers Hannah Elise and wanted to share these creative and super fun gifts for the Christmas season!


Enjoy xx 


1. Statement Hair Clips


- hair clips

- pearls or any other decoration you want on top

- glue (gem tac glue is recommended)


attach the decoration you want on top, let dry for 24 hours, and you're done!


2. Astrology Wall Decoration


- black cardstock paper

- frame to hang your project

- Elmers clear glue

- glitter

- paint or a paint pen

- paint brushes

- pencil


- sketch out everything you want to write and draw with a pencil

- glue outline of the constellation

- paint over the words

- add glitter to whatever parts you want


3. Monogrammed Jewelry Dish


- stencil with the first letter of the name you want to do

- paint

- paintbrushes

- dish you want to use for the jewelry


- paint in the stencil with your color of choice

- (optional) add another paint color to the rim of the dish for an added touch


4.  Fake Brandy Melville Hoodie


- hoodie from either a thrift store or any other store you want

- an iron on patch

- an iron

- needle and thread if you want to ensure that the patch stays on 


- cover patch with some type of material

-  press iron down onto the patch for 45-60 seconds

- hand sow around the edges of the patch (optional)


5.  Mug Holder


- wood palette sign

- cup hooks

- paint

- paint brushes

- pencil


- sketch out the words you want on the sign

- paint over the words with your choice of paint

- screw in cup hooks on the bottom of the sign


6.  Pressed Flower Candles


- container to put the candle in

- bouquet of flowers

- mod podge

- pot

-  glass measuring cup

- candle wick with silver plates at the bottom

- pencil

- flat end screwdriver


- take flower petals and attach them to the sides of the container with mod podge

-  remove old candle wax with a screw driver

- put wax into measuring cup

- fill pot with water

- put measuring cup in place to float in the water

- wrap wick around pencil and place on top of container so that the wick doesnt get out of place when pouring in the candle wax

- pour wax into container

- let sit overnight


7.  Painted Coasters


- coasters

- paint

- paint brushes

- newspaper

- pencil

- mod podge


- let your mind take you away to creative the artwork you want to on the coasters

- spray with mod podge after you are finished and let it dry


8.  Personalized Door Mat


-  plain door mat

- stencil

- paint

- paint brushes


- place stencils and paint in them to spell out whatever you would like to

-  let dry


9.  Monogram Wall Decoration With Hooks


- newspaper

- palette knife

- paints

- paint brushes

- screw in hooks


- paint your letter with whatever design you want

- screw in hooks at the bottom of the letter

- hang your personalized letter up

- add any jewelry you want to the bottom and you're done


10. Scrunchies


- needle

- thread

- any type of material you want

- elastic

- scissors

- safety and sewing pins

- ruler


-  measure fabric and elastic piece to fit your wrist

- fold fabric in half and place pins to sew your fabric together 

- then attach the two ends of the fabric together, leaving a slit in the middle to slide the elastic in

- thread elastic into the tube

- sew two elastic ends together

- sew the hole you left to put the elastic in

- now enjoy your new scrunchie!


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