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Cherish Your Friendships


We are going to share some of our favorite ways to show the people you love just HOW MUCH you love them!


Enjoy <3

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1. Make time for them

(As simple as this sounds, it is always important to find time to be spend time with your friends.)


2. Initiate Conversations

( Come up with a fun activity to do with your friends, figure out a time that works best and do it. It is always important to make an effort to find spontaneous things to do, especially if you live somewhere that seems like there is not much to do. But trust us, adventure is always just waiting around the corner.)


high school football games


3.  Give Handmade Gifts for Special Occasions 

( Go ahead and get your friends that jacket or pair of shoes that they have been dying to have.  Or gift them an incredibly comfy set of FOOTSOULS (insoles) for their converse. But, we believe in throwing in something handmade as well though. Whether that be a handmade card or printing out. Few of your favorite pictures together, it is especially sweet to receive something personalized for a special occasion.)


4.  Practice Forgiveness

( Friendships won't always be perfect and will have their times that they aren't quite at their best. But, that's okay! It is important to always remember that if the friendship is valuable to you, you both will find a solution to resolve the problem. So, next time something comes up, remember that the friendship is more important than winning the battle.)


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5.  Make each other better people

( It is beautiful when a friendship doesn't just mean hanging out with one another but instead means that you hold each other accountable. Encouraging and helping one another in all things will allow that friendship to grow even deeper.)



And don't forget to 

And remember Footsouls for Converse....NOT insoles for Converse ;)


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